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35 Years and counting...

Here at Keane Service - Mercedes and AMG Specialists, we have 35+ years of industry experience. Our conveniently located workshop In Leichhardt, is home to a team of dedicated Mercedes Benz specialists, supported by an international network of parts suppliers, who will get your Benz back on the road promptly and at a competitive price.


We like to keep our clients well informed as the work progresses. Whichever Mercedes Benz you own, Keane Service will repair your vehicle with the utmost care and understanding.

Testimonials and Reviews


Here at Keanes we take our customer service very seriously and hope to deliver a great experience. 

"They (Keane Service) have provided, by

the subsequent manner the car now runs and drives,

the best service this car has ever had. OUTSTANDING!”

- Malcom P

"The Keane team have looked after a number of our Mercedes vehicles over the years. Always highly attentive to addressing issues and providing clear advice on what is required to rectify issues. A very genuine and reliable team that cares about the customer. Our cars have always remained in great working condition. Highly recommended."

- Mitchell S


"Good service friendly staff helpful good work done"

- Louis S

Mechanical Servicing


It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash.

So who do you take the car to?

Will they do what they say?

Are they equipped with the tools for my car?

Are they competitively priced?

Is it convenient for me to go there?


Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes Benz's servicing and repairs covered.

Mercedes-Benz Service in Leichhardt

Fine Tune Your Mercedes Benz Today 

Having the pleasure of owning and driving a Mercedes Benz on the roads of Australia is a privilege on its own. This luxury car by the German automobile company offers the most comfortable driving experience on the Australian road. However, even the most excellent of cars need servicing now and then. And Mercedes Benz is no exception when it comes to regular and timely services in Australia. 


So, are you one of the thousands of proud Mercedes Benz owners in Sydney looking for a service shop nearby? In case you are then you should only drive your esteemed car to a Mercedes service specialist in the city. And we know the perfect place for servicing and repair works in Leichhardt, Sydney.   

Keane Service - Your One-Stop Destination

Our shop is the ideal place for repair work, servicing, and fine-tuning of your Mercedes Benz in Leichhardt. Over the years, Keane Service has received thousands of customers across Sydney and Australia. And we have always delivered the highest quality of services to them. 


Due to excellent servicing and fine-tuning services, we are the most preferred shop for Mercedes Benz owners in Sydney. And therefore, we urge you to book Keane Service for your next service. We offer the finest servicing for every type of Mercedes Benz at the most reasonable price in our service shop at Leichhardt. 

Why Come to Us?

With so many options at hand, why should you choose Keane Service for your servicing? You can easily drive your car to any other service and repair shop in Sydney. So, what are the clear-cut benefits that you will receive at Keane Service in Leichhardt? 


Well, there are many alluring reasons for you to visit us. And we want to add your name to our esteemed list of customers in Sydney. So, we will be more than happy to lay down the benefits of bringing your Mercedes Benz to our service and repair shop.


It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash. So, to whom do you take the car to? Will they do what they said? Are they equipped with the proper tools for my car? Are they competitively priced? Is it convenient for me to go there? Keane Service has all aspects of your Mercedes-Benz's servicing covered.

Every Mercedes-Benz should be serviced once every year or when it adds another 15,000 km on the road. So, bring your Mercedes Benz to our service and repair shop in Leichhardt. Our team of highly trained and authorised mechanics and other personnel will handle everything. Everything from servicing to repair using the finest parts available in the market. 

Our Top-Class Approach for Servicing

A company’s approach while servicing any luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz makes all the difference. And that is why you bring your Mercedes Benz to Keane Service - a first-class specialist shop.    


  • We will pay attention to every detail of your Mercedes Benz.

  • Our mechanics will check the logbook oil, perform filter change and tune the gearbox as well. 

  • Keane Service will deliver maintenance to your Mercedes Benz car by following the proper manufacturer’s specifications. 

  • Similarly, we are also able to identify any problems which may arise in the near future. You can schedule a visit to this problem later as per your convenience. 

We Use the Latest Tools & Equipment

Having the luxury of using modern tools and equipment while fine-tuning any car is the ideal proposition. And at Keane Service, we make sure that our staff personals and mechanics are equipped with the latest technology. 


  • Over the years, we have invested hugely in our workshop.

  • Due to this, we can secure modern diagnostic equipment to check every possible malfunction or irregularity in your Mercedes Benz. 

  • Similarly, we also have specialist tools to dole out a complete repair and fine-tuning of your luxury vehicle.  

Other Reasons for You to Visit Us 

Are you still not convinced of calling Keane Service for your next Mercedes Benz service in Leichhardt? It’s not a problem at all. Because we will bring you to our repair and service shop. As we believe that the following reasons are compelling enough for anyone in Sydney to choose our services over the others. 


  • Expertise: Keane Service has experience in fine-tuning Mercedes Benz in Sydney and Australia. 

  • Convenience: You don’t have to wait in our shop while we service your luxury car. You can hand over the keys to us and get on with your daily work as usual. 

  • Reasonable Cost: Don’t you hate to see hidden charges levied upon any service? At Keane Service, you will receive bills without any additional costs. 

  • Availability of Parts: Our service shop in Leichhardt has all the parts necessary for the fine-tuning of your Mercedes Benz. Similarly, we also outsource parts if demanded by our customers.    


So, hurry up and visit Keane Service for the most comprehensive yet affordable Mercedes Benz service today!          

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