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Parallel Lines
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Tools & Equipment


Over the years, we have invested hugely in our workshop to make sure we have the most recent diagnostic equipment and specialist tools to make sure your Mercedes-Benz gets the treatment it deserves and a quality repair. 



The Best or Nothing
Servicing & Repairs


When servicing a Mercedes-Benz it's the attention to detail that counts.

Anywhere from a basic logbook oil & filter change to a modern gearbox service, we are able to carry out the scheduled maintenance as per the manufacturers specifications.


We report future upcoming repairs & prioritise these accordingly and endeavour to assist customer budgeting plans for future expenditure.

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Parts, Tools & Equipment


We at Keane Service know the importance of using quality parts for any work on your vehicle to ensure its safe, reliable and a optimal operation.

The use of aftermarket/OEM parts

where possible (meeting or exceeding the specifications set out by Mercedes-Benz) results in prompt deliveries and a cost-saving that are both passed on to our customers.


We also have the option of sourcing genuine parts by special request or if the other is not available.


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