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Catering to Sydney and Beyond

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond, to all of Sydney. We would love help any Mercedes Benz Owner from areas in Woolwich, Lane Cove, Russell Lea,Concord, Riverview, Ashfield, Lilyfield, Stanmore, Haberfield and Five Dock and more!

Why Come To Us 

With so many options at hand, why should you choose Keane Service for your Mercedes Benz servicing? 


  • We want to add your name to our esteemed list of customers in Sydney. 

  • We have 34 + years of experience working on

       Mercedes Benz vehicles

  • The quality and efficiency of the repair and service is important to us.

  • Convenience: You don’t have to wait in our shop while we service your luxury car. You can hand over the keys to us and get on with your daily work as usual. 

  • Reasonable Cost: Don’t you hate to see hidden charges levied upon any service? At Keane Service, you will receive bills without any additional costs. 

  • Availability of Parts: Our service shop in Leichhardt has all the parts necessary for the fine-tuning of your Mercedes Benz. Similarly, we also outsource parts if demanded by our customers.     

A company’s approach to servicing any luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz makes all the difference.


That's why here at Keane Service we ensure:


  • We pay attention to every detail of your Mercedes Benz.


  • Our mechanics will check and inspect all necessary elements for your car.


  • Will deliver any maintenance to your Mercedes Benz  by following the proper manufacturer’s specifications. 

  • We identify any problems which may arise in the near future. You can schedule a visit to this problem later as per your convenience. 

The Importance of Servicing 

Having the pleasure of owning and driving a Mercedes Benz on the roads of Australia is a privilege and luxury experience on its own. However, even the most excellent of cars need servicing now and then. Mercedes Benz is no exception when it comes to regular and timely services. Every Mercedes-Benz should be serviced once every year or when it adds another 15,000 km on the road. The benefits in keeping up to date with your services are:

  • You can potentially extend the life of your vehicle.

  • Avoid unnecessary mechanical expenses down the track.

  • Ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.


Our Team

Here at Keane Service you will be welcomed by Jason our Customer Co Ordinator and Mechanics who are happy to answer and provide any information you require about your Benz. 


Our mechanics, Simon (Workshop Manager), James and Maude are all fully qualified and Mercedes Benz specialists with over 20 years of experience.

Keane's Approach 

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