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It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash. So to who do you take the car? Will they do what they say? Are they equipped with the tools for my car? Are they competitively priced? Is it convenient for me to go there? Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes-Benz's servicing covered...

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Keane Service is an essential service during this difficult time. We are open and ready for business. If we can be of any assistance please call on 95699288.

Alot of us are driving less and yet we need to keep our battery in good health. If your vehicle is not being driven for long periods best to check the health of your battery. If you would like to have your battery tested give us a call and we will properly check your batteries condition.

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Phone: (02) 9569 9288


Mobile: 0425 239 755




Address: 3 George St, Leichhardt

2040, NSW

Mercedes-Benz Service Specialist in Ashfield


Is it time for you to take your Mercedes Benz to the service centre? In such a case, you should always choose a reliable and efficient auto repair shop. Especially if you stay in Ashfield or nearby. 

Why Servicing Is Important?

Don’t make the same mistake that other people do with their Mercedes Benz. You should always drive your Mercedes Benz to a good service shop or else, you may experience a lot of inconveniences. Here are the things which you can benefit from after a good servicing.


  • Your Car Is Safer: Once you have serviced your Mercedes Benz, you can drive it without worrying about any malfunctions or breakdown in the middle of the road. 

  • You Save Money: With fewer breakdowns and malfunctions, you don’t have to visit a repair shop now and then. Therefore, you will save a good amount of money which you would have to spend on these repairs otherwise. 

  • Consumption of Fuel: A better cleaning of the engine and other parts of your Mercedes Benz will lead to a much higher rate of fuel consumption. So, you don’t have to refill your fuel tank now and then. 

  • Gets A Better Resale Value: Buying a car is an investment. And you can get a lucrative resale value if your vehicle is fine-tuned regularly. 

So, make sure to bring your Mercedes Benz to a service shop. But are you having difficulties in finding the perfect Mercedes Benz service centre in Ashfield? We will help you visit the finest Mercedes specialist not only in Ashfield but across Sydney. 

Come to Keane Service

We are amongst the most reputed names when it comes to Mercedes Benz repair and servicing in Ashfield and Sydney. Every year, we receive thousands of Mercedes at our auto repair shop in Leichhardt. And we make sure that each one of these luxury cars is fine-tuned as per the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. So, why not come to Keane Service in Leichhardt? It’s just 3.5 km away from your house in Ashfield. 

We Possess Experience

​Experience plays a big part while servicing this luxurious car by the German automobile company. And at Keane Service, there is no dearth of any experience whatsoever. As we have more than 31 years of fine-tuning Mercedes in Sydney and its nearby suburbs. So, we are ready to face any type of repair and servicing challenges in Ashfield and Sydney.

Crew of Trained Technicians

Along with a huge bag of experience, we have a crew that is well trained as well. We have trained our technicians to handle all types of repair work when it comes to any Mercedes vehicle. We do our best to impart the latest servicing knowledge and trends to our technicians, mechanics, and other staff. So, you can expect the best Mercedes Benz repair and service from Keane Service in Ashfield.     


Our Servicing Approach Makes the Difference

Unlike other repair shops in your locality, we have a unique approach when it comes to Mercedes Benz service. And it would be a delight to share this approach with you below. 


Servicing & Repairs: Our technicians will pay attention to detail while servicing your Mercedes-Benz. Aspects like changing the filter, servicing the gearbox, and checking the basic logbook oil are expertly done at Keane Service. You can expect the servicing to be completed without any delay. 


Advanced Toolkit: At Keane Service, we have our workshop in which our team manufactures a range of modern tools and equipment. Using these advanced tools and equipment, we can diagnose various problems in your Mercedes Benz. Similarly, our specialist tools help us to provide the best repair work for your beloved Mercedes. 


We Can Replace Parts: Want reliable and quality replacement parts for your Mercedes Benz in Ashfield? Come to Keane Service as we have everything that you need in our inventory. We also provide aftermarket or OEM parts to our customers which ensures quick and safe servicing of your Mercedes Benz.   


So, pick up the phone and call Keane Service as we are the Mercedes specialists across Sydney. You can call us at (02) 9569 9288 to avail the finest Mercedes Benz service and repair work in Ashfield.   


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