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It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash. So to who do you take the car? Will they do what they say? Are they equipped with the tools for my car? Are they competitively priced? Is it convenient for me to go there? Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes-Benz's servicing covered...

Corona Virus


Keane Service is an essential service during this difficult time. We are open and ready for business. If we can be of any assistance please call on 95699288.

Alot of us are driving less and yet we need to keep our battery in good health. If your vehicle is not being driven for long periods best to check the health of your battery. If you would like to have your battery tested give us a call and we will properly check your batteries condition.

Contact Us


Phone: (02) 9569 9288


Mobile: 0425 239 755




Address: 3 George St, Leichhardt

2040, NSW

Mercedes-Benz Service Erskineville


Who doesn’t love to drive a fine-tuned Mercedes Benz on the roads of Australia? The luxurious vehicle from the German-based company has a powerful engine and often outshines every other vehicle on the road. However, like every other vehicle, Mercedes Benz also needs regular servicing and repair work. Otherwise, you may start hating your car soon enough. And you don’t want this to happen. 


So, are you a proud owner of a Mercedes Benz and are looking for a service centre near Erskineville? You have come across the perfect place for your upcoming services. 


Welcome to Keane Service


With more than 31 years of experience, Keane Service is the finest Mercedes Benz servicing and repair shop in Erskineville, Sydney. We assure you the most premium Mercedes services as we are the specialists in this domain. Our shop receives thousands of customers from across Sydney and its nearby suburbs including Erskineville. 


So, why not bring your beloved Mercedes to our shop in Leichhardt, Sydney? It is just half-hour away from your home in Erskineville. 


We Provide Exemplary Services


Need fine-tuning, replacement of parts, or repair service for your Mercedes? Call us and book your appointment right away. As you will be receiving excellent Mercedes Benz service at Keane Service in Erskineville. And that too at the most reasonable price in Sydney, Australia. Here is how we fine-tune your Mercedes Benz at our shop in Leichhardt. 


  • Our team is trained to complete a thorough diagnosis of your Mercedes at Keane Service. We make sure to check every single detail before we start servicing. 

  • There are many things involved in Mercedes services and Keane Service is a specialist in it. We change basic logbook oil, change filters, and fine-tune the gearbox service as per the manufacturer’s manual.   

  • On top of exceptional servicing, we are also able to identify any problems which may arise in the near future. So, you can book our servicing a few days before this foreseeable event as well. 


Due to such a brilliant servicing approach, we are renowned as the leading Mercedes Specialists in Erskineville. So, make sure to visit Keane Service soon! 


Adapting Modern Tools & Equipment 


A good toolbox always adds that layer of assurance for every vehicle servicing. And it’s especially true in the case of Mercedes Benz maintenance. However, not every repair shop in Erskineville has the luxury of an advanced toolbox. And that is why you should bring your esteemed Mercedes Benz to Keane Service. 


  • Keane Service knows the importance of having a first-class workshop at the place. And thus, we have invested a huge amount of capital in building such a workshop at Keane Service.

  • Our workers and mechanics have the most advanced tools from this workshop. 

  • Similarly, we have been able to develop state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at Keane Service - the best Mercedes specialist in Sydney. 

  • With the help of this diagnostic equipment, we can pinpoint every underlying problem inside your Mercedes.

  • Furthermore, we equip our mechanics with specialist tools to fine-tune your Mercedes Benz quickly and effectively.  


Keane Service has everything you need for an effective, quick, and hassle-free servicing of Mercedes Benz in Erskineville. 


We Do So Much for Our Customer


There are plenty more reasons to visit Keane Service. And being one of the leading repairs and servicing shops in Erskineville, we are obliged to tell you those reasons. 


  • Unrivalled Expertise: Our crew is well trained in the art of servicing Mercedes Benz. We have the most experienced mechanics for fine-tuning your Mercedes Benz of our customers in Sydney.

  • Much Convenient for You: Just leave your car with us and get on with your daily routine. You don’t have to sit the whole day while our staff works on your Mercedes. 

  • We Sell Parts as Well: Trying to replace parts for your luxury Mercedes Benz? At Keane Service, we do supply lots of parts as well. 


So, book affordable servicing today at Keane Service - the Mercedes specialists in Erskineville.


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