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It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash. So to who do you take the car? Will they do what they say? Are they equipped with the tools for my car? Are they competitively priced? Is it convenient for me to go there? Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes-Benz's servicing covered...

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Keane Service is an essential service during this difficult time. We are open and ready for business. If we can be of any assistance please call on 95699288.

Alot of us are driving less and yet we need to keep our battery in good health. If your vehicle is not being driven for long periods best to check the health of your battery. If you would like to have your battery tested give us a call and we will properly check your batteries condition.

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Phone: (02) 9569 9288


Mobile: 0425 239 755




Address: 3 George St, Leichhardt

2040, NSW

Mercedes-Benz Service in Newtown


The formula for maintaining your Mercedes Benz in tip-top condition is amazingly simple. You must regularly take it to a service shop. However, it’s not always easy to get in touch with the ideal auto repair shop in Australia, especially near Newton. But that does not mean that you should go to a second-class service and repair shop for servicing. Therefore, we will help you contact the best Mercedes Benz service shop in Newton.

Your Mercedes Specialists - Keane Service

With over 31 years of experience, there is no better place than Keane Service for your Mercedes Benz service in Newton. We have everything from servicing, repairing, and parts replacement in our shop. You can avail of these services from Keane Service at the most affordable rate in Newton. 


So, make the sensible decision and pick Keane Service today for affordable and reliable Mercedes Benz servicing. And if you are still unconvinced about us then do read the following bits.

Excellent Servicing & Repairs

Every year, Keane Service receives thousands of customers across the country including the wonderful suburb of Newton. Here are the benefits you get for servicing your Mercedes Benz at our shop in Leichhardt. 


  • Our technicians are trained to see each detail before servicing your beloved Mercedes. So, it’s highly improbable that we miss any problem or malfunction in your vehicle. 

  • We make sure that your vehicle’s oil is replaced, filters are appropriately changed, and its gearbox is finely tuned. 

  • Keane Service is renowned for its timely servicing. Hence, you don’t have to wait for hours before we start servicing your Mercedes Benz. 

  • Furthermore, we can easily predict future repairs at our shop in Leichhardt. So, we can fix a date for this repair beforehand. 


With so many benefits, why should you even bother going to other places? Keane Service will take care of every aspect of your Mercedes Benz service and repair. 

Fully Equipped Crew

Having the best people work for you ensures success all around. And at Keane Service, not only do we have the best technicians but also the most advanced toolkits with us. 


  • Our crew of technicians, mechanics, and other staff personnel have received extensive training at Keane Service. Thus, they are the best people to handle your Mercedes Benz service and repair job.  

  • Keane Service has its workshop where we build tools and equipment as per the latest requirements. 

  • We can detect any malfunction or problem which is not visible to the naked eyes. All thanks to our highly advanced diagnostic equipment. So, at Keane Service, we will successfully go to the roots of any problem in your Mercedes Benz. 

  • Similarly, our crew has experience in using specialist tools to fix any issue which might be there. 


So, you can trust our services and repair work in Newton. As we are equipped with the best toolkit out there. 

Replacing Mercedes Benz Parts Were Never So Easy

Like every other car in the market, you need to replace a few of the parts in your Mercedes Benz over a while. And it’s important to replace these parts with a trusted Mercedes Benz specialist only. 


At Keane Service, we provide the finest replacement parts for every model of Mercedes Benz in Newton.

Similarly, we have other options as well in OEM/aftermarket replacement parts for your Mercedes vehicle. These parts are easy to procure and are available at much cheaper rates than other parts. 

Furthermore, we also source replacement parts for your vehicle on request. 


Now, you don’t have to go elsewhere in the search for quality replacement parts for your Mercedes Benz in Newton. Bring your Mercedes Benz to Keane Service and replace any part at the most competitive rates across Sydney. 


So, without wasting any time, call Keane Service at (02) 9569 9288 or 0425239755 and book our servicing today.  

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