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Mercedes Benz Service Sydenham

35 Years and counting...

Here at Keane Service - Mercedes and AMG Specialists, we have 35+ years of industry experience. Our conveniently located workshop In Leichhardt, is home to a team of dedicated Mercedes Benz specialists, supported by an international network of parts suppliers, who will get your Benz back on the road promptly and at a competitive price.


We like to keep our clients well informed as the work progresses. Whichever Mercedes Benz you own, Keane Service will repair your vehicle with the utmost care and understanding.

Testimonials and Reviews


Here at Keanes we take our customer service very seriously and hope to deliver a great experience. 

"They (Keane Service) have provided, by

the subsequent manner the car now runs and drives,

the best service this car has ever had. OUTSTANDING!”

- Malcom P

"The Keane team have looked after a number of our Mercedes vehicles over the years. Always highly attentive to addressing issues and providing clear advice on what is required to rectify issues. A very genuine and reliable team that cares about the customer. Our cars have always remained in great working condition. Highly recommended."

- Mitchell S


"Good service friendly staff helpful good work done"

- Louis S

Mechanical Servicing


It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash.

So who do you take the car to?

Will they do what they say?

Are they equipped with the tools for my car?

Are they competitively priced?

Is it convenient for me to go there?


Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes Benz's servicing and repairs covered.

Mercedes-Benz Service in Sydenham

Are you frustrated due to poor servicing at your nearest auto repair shops in Sydenham? You should consider bringing your Mercedes Benz to Keane Service in Leichhardt. It only takes 15 minutes from Sydenham to reach Leichhardt. So, why not visit the finest Mercedes specialist on your upcoming servicing date?    

Why Servicing Is Necessary? 

Never pay heed to suggestions such as “you can skip one servicing date” or “missing a servicing won’t make any difference”. Whenever the scheduled date arrives, you must take your Mercedes Benz to the auto repair shop without fail. Here are the things you get after servicing your beloved Mercedes from a service and repair shop.

Your Engine Is Clean: A vehicle with a cleaner and well-oiled engine run much faster than the one which isn’t serviced. And what’s more? This will also lead to fuel consumption on the road. So, never miss any servicing date for your Mercedes Benz. 

Fewer Chances of Breakdowns: Everybody hates to see their vehicle breaking down in the middle of the journey. It’s embarrassing, inconvenient, and costly to tow your Mercedes back to the auto repair shop. Therefore, avoid such instances by getting your beloved vehicle to the Mercedes service shop now and then.

You Save Money & Time: With timely servicing, there will be fewer visits to the auto repair shop. And thus, you will be able to save your money as well as precious time by servicing your Mercedes Benz regularly. Thus, never dare to miss that crucial servicing date.      

Resale Value Is High: And last but not the least, a vehicle in fine condition always yields a good price in the market. This is also true for a used car, especially a Mercedes Benz. So, you can demand good cash in return for your properly maintained vehicle in Sydenham.  

Due to so many reasons, you should always bring your Mercedes Benz to a reputed service centre such as Keane Service.

Why Come to Keane Service?

Now you may wonder - is it worth taking your Mercedes to Keane Service which is located in Leichhardt. We can understand this dilemma as there are many other options available in Sydenham. And to help you make this decision, we will list a few benefits associated with Keane Service - Mercedes specialist in Australia. 

We Provide Excellent Mercedes Benz Service

At Keane Service, we provide the best Mercedes servicing and repairs for our customers in Sydenham. Over the past 31 years, we have serviced and repaired thousands of Mercedes across Australia. So, come visit us to avail the following services today.

  • We have some of the best technicians and mechanics working at Keane Service. They can check every single detail of your Mercedes Benz when you bring it to our repair and service shop. So, we never miss even the tiniest of issues in your beloved vehicle.    

  • Our highly trained crew makes sure that every task such as replacing basic logbook oil and filter is carried out smoothly. Similarly, we are adept at fine-tuning your gearbox to its fullest capacity.

  • Moreover, with the help of accurate predictions of future repairs, we can schedule service for a later date as well.

Experts at Replacing Parts

Any luck replacing parts of your Mercedes at other places in Sydenham, No? Don’t worry, we have covered this aspect at Keane Service as well. 

  • We replace parts of your Mercedes with the highest quality of replacement parts available at Keane Service.

  • You can get OEM or aftermarket parts for your Mercedes Benz at our repair and service shop in Leichhardt.

  • These parts do meet the specifications listed in the manufacturer’s manual. And thus, are the perfect option for high-quality yet affordable replacement parts for your vehicle.

  • We also do sourcing of various parts if you request them at Keane Service.

So, make sure to contact us today and receive the finest service for your beloved Mercedes in Sydenham. Here are the numbers on which you can contact Keane Service - (02) 9569 9288 or 0425239755!

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