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It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash. So to who do you take the car? Will they do what they say? Are they equipped with the tools for my car? Are they competitively priced? Is it convenient for me to go there? Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes-Benz's servicing covered...

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Keane Service is an essential service during this difficult time. We are open and ready for business. If we can be of any assistance please call on 95699288.

Alot of us are driving less and yet we need to keep our battery in good health. If your vehicle is not being driven for long periods best to check the health of your battery. If you would like to have your battery tested give us a call and we will properly check your batteries condition.

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Phone: (02) 9569 9288


Mobile: 0425 239 755




Address: 3 George St, Leichhardt

2040, NSW

Mercedes-Benz Service Specialist in Waterloo

Mercedes Benz is a car that has a league of its own. It rules the streets of Australia and is the dream car of thousands of people living in the country. Having said that, it also needs regular maintenance or otherwise, it may start losing its performance quality and glamour as well. Therefore, you should always take your Mercedes Benz to a nearby service centre.                     


In Sydney, there are lots of Mercedes specialists and thus, it becomes difficult to prefer one over the other. Don’t worry, as today we will introduce you to the finest Mercedes Benz repair and service shop in Sydney including the suburb of Waterloo.   

Keane Service - The Complete Mercedes Specialists in Waterloo


We are the leading Mercedes Benz repair and service specialist in Sydney and its nearby suburbs. Over the years, we have serviced countless Mercedes Benz across the country. And it’s no surprise that many people prefer coming to us rather than taking their Mercedes to another repair shop in Waterloo. As we provide the most high-quality servicing and repair work for our customers at the most affordable rates across Sydney. 


So, why not bring your Mercedes Benz to Keane Service today which is located in Leichhardt? It only takes around 15 minutes to reach your place in Waterloo. Here are the clear-cut benefits you receive at Keane Service - the Mercedes Specialist in Waterloo.    

We Provide Comprehensive Mercedes Servicing

Don’t you hate when service and repair shops do an incomplete job on your beloved vehicle? Not only do you get the bad performance of your Mercedes, but you end up paying money for the service which you didn’t receive. However, at Keane Service, this is not the case at all. 


Our technicians are well trained to handle and service every Mercedes Benz that comes to our auto repair shop in Waterloo. We maintain basic logbook oil, change filters, and also fine-tune your Mercedes gearbox. At Keane Service, we follow a tight schedule as we understand the importance of your time. So, you don’t have to wait much longer to see a fully serviced Mercedes Benz. 

Experienced Technicians Equipped with Modern Toolbox 

Two major factors can impact greatly on your Mercedes Benz service at any auto repair shop. These two factors are - technicians and their toolboxes. Having a highly trained and experienced crew of technicians to service your Mercedes Benz is important. Similarly, those technicians must be equipped with all the tools and equipment they need.


At Keane Service, we do meet these criteria. As we have a crew that has gone through formal training in servicing Mercedes Benz. And has tremendous experience when it comes to Mercedes Benz repair and service in Waterloo. Furthermore, every technician is equipped with a modern toolbox with all the tools and equipment required for effective and quick servicing. 

Replace Mercedes Benz Parts Easily

Like every other vehicle on the road, Mercedes too requires parts replacement. and therefore, you should always visit a Mercedes specialist which has all the parts in its inventory. Otherwise, it becomes overly inconvenient to visit another shop because your auto repair shop doesn’t have all the parts in its inventory. 


So, come visit us whenever you require parts replacement. As we are the most trusted Mercedes Specialist in Waterloo. You will find top quality parts for your Mercedes Benz at Keane Service. We comply with the manufacturer's manual instructions while replacing any part of your beloved Mercedes. Similarly, we also use aftermarket/OEM parts whenever we can. Thus, we can ensure a timely, hassle-free, and cost-effective delivery. 


So, bring your Mercedes Benz to our service and repair shop in Leichhardt which is just a15 minutes’ drive from Waterloo. We will make sure that your Mercedes is serviced and repaired without causing a hole in your pocket. 


Call Keane Service - the Mercedes Specialist today at (02) 9569 9288 or 0425239755


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