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It's that time of the year again, and the service icon has popped up on your dash. So to who do you take the car? Will they do what they say? Are they equipped with the tools for my car? Are they competitively priced? Is it convenient for me to go there? Keane Service have all aspects of your Mercedes-Benz's servicing covered...

Corona Virus


Keane Service is an essential service during this difficult time. We are open and ready for business. If we can be of any assistance please call on 95699288.

Alot of us are driving less and yet we need to keep our battery in good health. If your vehicle is not being driven for long periods best to check the health of your battery. If you would like to have your battery tested give us a call and we will properly check your batteries condition.

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Phone: (02) 9569 9288


Mobile: 0425 239 755




Address: 3 George St, Leichhardt

2040, NSW

Unmatched Mercedes-Benz Service And Repairs Near Lane Cove


When it comes to your prized Mercedes-Benz, you deserve nothing but the best. At Keane Service, we offer unparalleled Mercedes service and repairs to clients all over Lane Cove to ensure their luxury vehicles are running at their peak performance. With our 34+ years of experience and a team of Mercedes-Benz specialists, we have built a reputation you can trust.

Introducing Keane Services


Owning a Mercedes is a statement of luxury, style, and sophistication. It's an investment that deserves the utmost care and attention to detail. We are your trusted partner for Mercedes service near Lane Cove. With a strong legacy over the decades, we have honed our expertise in Mercedes repairing and servicing.

Let's delve into why we are your top choice for Mercedes service and repairs near Lane Cove.

Attention To Detail: Our Key Differentiator


  • Precision and Expertise: Mercedes is renowned for its precision engineering. To maintain this high standard, your luxury car deserves meticulous attention to detail. We adhere to the manufacturer's specifications for every maintenance task. Our team of expert Mercedes mechanics near you leaves no stone unturned, ensuring every element of your vehicle is inspected, maintained, and repaired as needed.


  • Future-Proofing Your Investment: We don't just fix what's broken; we anticipate what might need attention in the future. We empower our clients around Lane Cove to plan and budget for upcoming repairs by identifying potential issues in advance. This proactive approach not only ensures the longevity of vehicles but also helps our clients in the vicinity of Lane Cove to avoid unexpected expenses down the road.

Cutting-Edge For Superior Facility


  • Workshop Upgrades: We continuously invest in our workshop to bring the best Mercedes service to our clients around Lane Cove.

  • Thorough Inspection: Our experienced mechanics near you conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle.

  • Component Check: We inspect all vital vehicle components during repairs.

  • Client Care: This ensures comprehensive care for our Lane Cove clients.

  • Adherence to Specifications: We strictly follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

  • Preserve Integrity: This maintains the integrity and performance of your Mercedes.

  • Quality Tools: We use top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment for repairing and servicing.

  • Specialised Equipment: Our tools are tailored for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

  • Impeccable Repairs: This investment ensures top-quality repairs and service for your vehicle.

Cost Efficiency


Our dedication to quality doesn't come at a premium cost to you. We can offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality by utilising aftermarket/OEM parts where possible. This means prompt deliveries and cost savings, which we pass on to our valued customers around Lane Cove.

Clear And Honest Billing


In a world of concealed costs, we stand as a beacon of clarity. We champion the concept of transparent pricing for our Mercedes repairs and services near Lane Cove, where every bill is a straightforward statement of services rendered. No surprises, no hidden fees. It's our dedication to transparent billing that truly distinguishes us.

Future-Focused Maintenance

Keane Service goes beyond merely fixing your vehicles; our experts plan for the future. We meticulously inspect your luxury car, identify upcoming repairs, and prioritise them accordingly. This proactive approach helps you budget for future maintenance, ensuring your vehicle's longevity.

Your Choice Matters


At Keane Service, we believe in giving you choices. You can choose aftermarket/OEM parts for cost savings or genuine parts for that factory-fresh feel. We value your preferences and tailor our Mercedes repairs and services to meet your specific needs near Lane Cove.

The Keane Service Difference

When you choose us for your Mercedes service and repairs near Lane Cove, you're choosing excellence. Our dedication to quality, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedication to using quality parts ensure that your premium car gets the care it deserves.

With over three decades of experience and a team of Mercedes-Benz specialists, we have the expertise to keep your luxury vehicle performing at its best.


Don't settle for anything less, experience the Keane Service difference today. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your luxury vehicle. Call us at (02) 9569 9288 or email us at

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